What to expect from your Infrared Light Massage Therapy Session?

Infrared Massage Therapy: is a therapeutic combination of various deep muscular and lymphatic techniques specifically used with the infrared light placed over the area, that is simple and painless to provide: massage, acupressure, therapeutic heat, far-infrared rays, and has an incredible deep healing effect. It works to strengthen the organs and immune system, helps alleviate acute and chronic pains, relaxes the body, releases the stress caused by intense, active, stressful days; among others’. Most experience great relief during and after therapy that can last days and/or even weeks.

The Infrared Massage is for the intention of improving and strengthening the whole body on a cellular level and the well being of a person. The effects of the treatment relax the muscles, while improving blood circulation, stimulate blood flow and tissue response and repair, relieve acute and chronic pain, and release pollutants trapped in the musculature. The infrared light penetrates beneath the skin and is absorbed by the deep tissues. Combined with muscular techniques helps to firm, repair, rebuild, push out more toxins on a deeper level, opens up muscle and tissue fibers, increases circulation and healing time; allowing for an even deeper healing in the area(s) being worked.

After just 30 minutes of treatment, blood flow is enhanced by 400 percent, and this boost in local circulation persists for several hours after therapy. Most will experience a large amount of relieve, relaxation, warming of the area worked, among others’. The most dramatic benefits of infrared light therapy are achieved with multiple treatment sessions.

What is used with the Infrared Light Massage?

Benefits of having a infrared massage therapy
What Conditions Is Infrared Light Therapy Good For And Benefit? (Not all are listed):

  • Arthritis – all types
    Acne – acute or chronic
    Back pain (lumbar and thoracic)
    Bell’s palsy
    Blunt trauma
    Cardiovascular diseases
    Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Central nervous system injuries
    Chronic kidney diseases
    Chronic non-healing wounds (including pressure ulcers)
    Diabetes mellitus (including diabetic macular edema)
    Diabetic neuropathy
    Ischemic stroke
    Muscle sprains and strains
    Neck pain
    Parkinson’s disease
    Retinal degeneration
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Stroke -TIA
    Temporomandibular joint pain
    Surgical incisions
One treatment 1 hr £50
Course of 6 treatsments 6 hrs £250